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October 2014   and we're now looking at an official release date for the album - probably January 2015. And starting to plot some gigs and probably some busking to support it. We like playing outdoors. It makes us happy. And we've got a lovely gig with the inestimable Sharron Kraus and Harret Earis at Canon Frome Court on December 10th to be going along with.

September 2014: only 7 months after gathering on a very cold weekend in north Norfolk, the new album is here in all its physical and aural corporeality. Or something. The important thing is it looks and sounds amazing, and we're ready to start playing around the country and offering it personally to the good people of this land. It's over on the Bandcamp site and we think it would be a good idea to head over there with your computer on mobile smart phone device as soon as convenience and propriety allows. Do, really.

April 2014: So the big news is we have spent a fantastic time with Hieronymus Melchers at the Bake House studio in Norfolk, and emerged with the makings of the next album. The mixing isn't finished yet, and the album doesn't have a title yet, but we've got a sneak preview of four of the tracks over on our Soundcloud site. The sound this time is a development from the last album. Although the core is still the three of us in the studio, this time the arrangements are simpler and more direct, and the sound is beautifully warm as befits the analogue set up Jerry uses at the Bake House. We'll put up some photos from the sessions on the photo page, but for now there's some photos accompanying one of the tracks at the bottom of the page.

Some of the things said over the years...

"Their self-referencing, self-coined musical description – 'ruralcore' – relates, actually, to a wide spectrum of sounds, as heard on their excellent new album (All Those Black Years): skiffle, Americana, traditional English folk song, weird folk and much more". Jon Aidrie, Folk on the Lawn

"Thanks for coming all the way to Llanhilleth on a stinking night and giving us a fantastic performance" Mike Hopkins (Llan Acoustic) October 2012

"...your music is unspeakably brilliant. Yours is one of my all time favourite bands." Dan James, BRFM online 97.3fm Brynmawr

“folk music of depth, gothic wonder and no small amount of mysticism. This is heartfelt music wrapped in stripped-back but perfectly judged instrumentation”

"Every track here is well written, both in terms of lyrics and musical composition with a deep vein of strings and brass adding many layers to the mix. Alex Gordon’s voice is splendid as well. Effortless and rich but, most importantly, not perfect. It sums up everything that Heed The Thunder offer and everything good music should be; full of passion, spirit and feeling." Jon Birch, Music Review Unsigned March 2013

" Hereford based folk laden rabble rousers, Heed The Thunder took over to deliver an inspired set of laments from within the very midst of the audience as they picked up their instruments, double bass and all and took to the aisles to deliver their sermon. Accordian meshed with guitar, violin duelled with banjo whilst harmonised vocal choruses rang out loud. Song’s such as Drink Up And Go, St Louis Blues and Lucky Man were lapped up with glee as the band converted the audience into believers of the power of music and performance. Mark Stevenson joined the band back at the altar to perform a few songs from an album he’d recorded with the band on a joint venture, the band framing his vocals with their instrumentation on Caravan, Where Pigs Might Fly and the rather topically named I Am Man Of British Weather." September 2013

Our ep with Mark Stevenson  is available on the bandcamp site here along with the first album, and the original December ep

Reverb Worship limited edition release of All Those Black Years
Reverb Worship have released a limited edition repackaged version of the All Those Black Years album. These are in beautiful unique hand-numbered sleeves made from special mulberry paper. Available from Reverb Worship. You can read all about it here.

A couple of videos:

First, three songs from our set at the Union Chapel in Islington, with Justin's lovely photos to give you optical pleasure...

And then the first track from the forthcoming (as yet untitled) album

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